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readlines ()] Firstly, the file content is read via readlines (). Drag & Drop Files. Programs usually perform mathematical calculations, modify data, or move it around. Spark RDD natively supports reading text files and later with. If it is a simple single source program : make foo. You can append something to a file with a simple echo command. . There are four modes in which you can open a file: Read mode (‘r’) Write mode (‘w’) Append mode (‘a’) Read and write (‘r+’) Writing to an empty file. Use READ DATASET to read each record in the file. Spark job: block of parallel computation that executes some task. Write first & last line of the file. It belongs to java. STEP 1: Create a new text file and rename it to “file1. The functions are included in System. We have to declare on object of type fstream in order to use the functions provided. .